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From the very first exchange, Barbara treated us with such kindness and openness. Knowing nothing about the process of creating a wedding ceremony, Barbara expertly walked us through it with care and thoughtfulness, making us feel both listened to and empowered to make it our own. In the end, it was both exactly what we wanted, and more than we could have ever hoped for; a warm and intimate ceremony that we will cherish forever.
— Jenna & Erin
Photo by  Inna Yasinka
It was such a joy and honour to have Barbara be the officiant + guide for our wedding. The process of getting married can be pretty overwhelming and she gave us so much support in the process. Working with Barbara allowed us to become even closer as a couple as we prepared for our wedding day. She held space for us to ground and connect during our pre-marital sessions together. The experience was transformative for both of us and our relationship. She helped us to create our dream ceremony imbued with so much meaning and love, that was truly representative of both of us and the life we want to create together.
— Amber & Dave
Barbara was the perfect wedding officiant for us. Her training provided us the opportunity to have sessions to prepare for married life. The sessions were designed with our priorities in mind, used resources that we kept, gave us strategies and tools to use going forward, and met all of our expectations. We relied on Barbara’s guidance and experience to facilitate the design of our customized ceremony, which reflected our traditions, tastes, and personalities. Barbara communicates well, works professionally, and is always a warm and welcoming presence. We highly recommend working with Barbara.
— Paul and Sabryn
Working with Barbara on our ceremony has been one of our most favourite parts of planning a wedding. At first, we were very uncertain about the process. Barbara broke the work down into an enjoyable storytelling experience and made us feel comfortable from the beginning. Her exercises allowed us to feel to reflect on and organize what we wanted to say to each other in a simple and yet meaningful way. After each meeting with Barbara we felt more and more confident. It has been a wonderful experience.
— Sideeka & Mikael

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