The Be With Weddings Story…

Soon after our wedding, my imagination for what is possible began to run wild. I began dreaming bigger, took on more exciting personal challenges and grew my existing private practice in coaching to new heights. Only something was missing. That something was Be With Weddings.

When Tanya and I met, I served as an Associate Minister at a local progressive Christian church. However having worked towards becoming a Christian minister for almost a decade, I got tired of working for an organization that neither celebrated my love nor recognized the inherent goodness I saw in the human condition. I left the church, and with it my dream of supporting people through some of the most important sacred milestones of their lives. I flexed my pastoral care skills in my new coaching business, and ran retreats in order to fill my well of gathering with others in a sacred way. But deep down, I knew that what I really wanted to do was officiate weddings.

For three years, I agreed to do a couple of weddings a summer by special request for couples who I just fell in love with. At one point, I even came up with a whole wedding officiating business plan during a business course I was taking, only to shelve it for two years to take what felt like a safer, and more familiar route.

Then on on a series of retreats I attended with one of my most trusted advisors, I had a series of visions. I could see all of it laid out in front of me - from the instagram feed to a literal field of brides that I would some point marry to their beloveds. Almost exactly a year after that first vision, we are here.