Your love is one of a kind.

Let’s plan a wedding ceremony that celebrates your vision of love and honours your commitment.

Dreaming of walking down the aisle with your soon to be spouse? Of course!

Aching for a destination elopement that mirrors the quiet intimacy of your partnership? Yes!

Picturing a raucous party that matches your fun-loving and adventurous romance? Let’s do it!

Marriage isn’t a one size fits all container. Let’s discover what marriage means to you and your sweetheart and design a ceremony to embody your unique connection.

As a boutique wedding service we work with only a select number of couples a year and love saying “yes!” to the perfect fit. To get started on discovering if we’re a match made in heaven, book yourself in for a free consultation call or explore our Packages and A La Carte services below!

Barbara was the perfect wedding officiant for us. Her training provided us the opportunity to have pre-marital sessions to prepare for married life. The sessions were designed with our priorities in mind, used resources that we kept, gave us strategies and tools to use going forward, and met all of our expectations. We relied on Barbara’s guidance and experience to facilitate the design of our customized ceremony, which reflected our traditions, tastes, and personalities. Barbara communicates well, works professionally, and is always a warm and welcoming presence. We highly recommend working with Barbara.
— Sabryn & Paul


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the all in wedding



The Run Away With Me Package is our elopement package

The All In Wedding Package is our our fully inclusive wedding guidance package

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A La Carte Services


Our A La Carte services are perfect to help you prepare for and envision your big day:



The be well & get married checklist

Download our real life list of the five resources we used to stay well, deeply connected and on budget!

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